The Classy Woman

The Classy Woman Loves Men

Men! What wonderful creatures they are.  You must have a positive
attitude about men, you must LOVE men.  They are wonderful, with
out them life would be “soooo” boring.

How is your attitude towards men? Do you enjoy being in the
company of men and admiring all there attributes, like how they
love to have fun.  Men live to please us women.  I know I love to
see a man give me a great smile and become a little blushful,
when I say thank you for something he has done for me. It does
not have to be anything big.  He may open a car door or buy a
drink for a woman and just a thank you pleases him.  Then there
is his not so great attributes, like gawking at a good looking
women as she walks by or having  guys nights out together
drinking beer, watching there favorite sports on there big
screened T.V., as they cuss and yell at the T.V. They are always
into competition of some sort especially over a woman.  Well I
could go on, but you get the picture.  I still love men and
wouldn’t want them to be like a woman. I have my girlfriends to
talk to about all the girl stuff.

Now, picture in your minds that there are no men on this planet,
Just women. How boring this would be.  No attraction to this
opposite sex, because there wouldn’t be any men.  No earth
shattering sex with all the bells and whistles going off because
there wouldn’t be any men.  No men to hold us all night and into
the morning.  No men to hold our hands stare into our eyes giving
us that amazing feeling of being wonderful and sexy.  Men are
very intelligent creatures.  I love to just sit and talk to a man
to learn all about what he is thinking.  I find him quite amazing.

Now lets face it I love being chased by a man how about you.  It’
s a great feeling to know that a man wants to be in your company
so bad, that he will call and show up at all the places he knows
you will be.  I love it when he flirts and shows lots of
attention.  What would it be like if there were no men? Ladies
think about it.

So now how is your attitude towards men?  Men know when a woman
loves being in there company.  She enjoys listening to him,
laughing at his jokes. Most of all when a woman responds to a man’
s attention that is the ultimate compliment and attraction for a

I always hear women say “oh men they are all a like” all they how
he was made.  But with the right woman he also wants emotional
connection.  He actually needs it even more than we with there
men friends, this is hard for them.  When they do meet want is
sex. Ladies yes this is true a man does want sex that is that
women that they want to get intimate with, that is when they will
fall in love.

Start to get to know all types of men and appreciate them for who
they are. Start today; just by ask questions pertaining to him.  
Now don’t go asking what they do for a living on your first date,
they will think you are only after what they have in there
wallet.  Men need feel they are not being sized up for how much
money they bring in a year.  A man wants to know that you
genuinely like him for who he really is.  How much fun he is to
be around, what his interests are, what he values in life.  These
are the things that will get you to first base with a man.  
Remember have a positive attitude when it comes to men, love
being in there company and you will have all the attention you
Men & Attitude
Ann Kopp